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Five Things That Affect Kitchen Cabinetry Pricing

It is always best to determine a budget before starting the kitchen design process.

The following factors can help prioritize your cabinetry design wish list with clearer understanding of pricing.


1.) Room Layout and configuration will affect cabinetry pricing the most. A lazy susan cabinet is more expense than a blind corner cabinet but much more accessible. A drawer stack is higher priced than a standard drawer and two door cabinet. A wall oven with a separate cook top is an upgrade to a standard 30" range. Knowing a client's budget can save redesign time.

2.) Cabinetry construction is about 60% of the total cabinetry price. Plywood construction is more expensive than fiberboard construction. Look for dovetailed drawers with full extension, under mount glides in your upper end cabinetry. For longevity it is best not to cut corners in cabinet construction.

3.) Wood species such as cherry, maple, alder, hickory and oak affects cabinetry pricing. Cherry is always a premium wood carrying a 15% up-charge over more standard woods like oak or hickory. Alder, a less expensive wood, can be stained to look like cherry. With the non grainy look so popular in cabinetry today, the price of maple has gone up and now carries an 8% premium

4.) Door style can vary cabinetry pricing too. A simple door is less expensive than a door with a lot of details. Also, beaded inset doors that are set flush with the cabinet face frame is always more expensive because of the precise tolerances.

5.) Cabinet finishes is another key factor. A factory catalyzed top coat is a must in any price range. Painted cabinetry is at least 5% more expensive than standard stain wood. Glazed and distressed finishes add about 10-20% to cabinetry pricing. As the finish process gets more involved the cabinetry will spend more time in the factory finishing area and the pricing will reflect this extra labor.

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